The section between Bouira and El Adjiba, about 100 km east of Algiers, is 26 km long; eighteen works of art are planned on its route: 4×2 viaducts for a total length of 1,856m, 10 overpasses and 4 underpasses.
The most important work of art is the viaduct named 203/3.

The solution adopted for this viaduct consists of two side-by-side structures, with reinforced concrete box-section decks of variable height (3.25 m in the span, 5.00 m in correspondence with the piers).

Each deck is continuous over six spans and has an overall length of 520 m: the two shore spans in fact have a span of 60 m and the four central spans span of 100 m.
Two carriageways, 15.5 m wide.
The construction procedure adopted provides for balanced cantilevered advancement for successive prefabricated segments.
The site is characterized by a high seismic hazard; the implanted are similarly isolated by means of reinforced elastomer devices.


  • Executive and construction design
  • Technical assistance during the construction phase


Autoroute Est-Ouest tronco “Bouira-El Adjiba” su 26 km – O.A. 203/3

Year:2003 - 2006
Administration:(A.N.A.) - Agence Nationale des Autoroutes – Alger
Client:Impresa Todini Costruzioni SpA – Roma
Construction company:Impresa Todini Costruzioni SpA – Roma