Since 1950


In 1950, Eng. Silvano Zorzi founded his Technical Studio in Milan and began his activity as a designer, working mainly in the field of infrastructures.

In 1961 he founded IN.CO. CONSULTANTS ENGINEERS SPA opening the following year offices in Rome and Venice.

Since then, the Company’s activity has ranged in all fields of Engineering by adopting innovative and futuristic technical solutions especially in the design of bridges and transport infrastructures.
One example is the 1968 Sfalassà viaduct, which has been awarded several times by the international scientific community.

In 1970 the IN.CO. expands its activities in Africa and Asia (Algeria, Nigeria, Iraq and Turkey) and a few years later also in South America (Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela).

IN.CO. has been a founding member of the OICE since its foundation in 1965.
The main projects developed since the beginning of the activities up to now are more than 230 and made IN.CO. a leading player, particularly in the field of transport infrastructure design (bridges and viaducts).

At the beginning of 2020 IN.CO. INGEGNERI CONSULENTI SPA is diversified into two companies: INCO Engineering s.r.l which continues the design activity in all areas of Engineering and the historical work control activity is transferred to a new company: INCO INGEGNERI CONSULENTI s.r.l.


Our starting point is the philosophy of the founder, Eng. Silvano Zorzi:

I don’t think that the responsible designer should passively follow the methodology of the moment; rather, he must anticipate its developments, be the protagonist of the innovations.

The era of the pure static which only draws on the basis of the knowledge of physical laws and mathematical elaborations is definitely over.

The designer must also have an entrepreneurial mentality, determine the construction procedures, know the machines involved, know how to exploit them in different needs, be able to estimate costs and times for carrying out the work.

The work to be carried out must in fact certainly be the most functional, but at the same time it must also be configured as a harmonious and lasting insertion into the environment and constitute a vision that is satisfying in itself.

Ing. Silvano ZorziFounder

We still operate according to these principles today; for this reason we are constantly looking for solutions of absolute technical excellence.

We are attentive, responsive and collaborative; our goal is to make our customers’ work as easy as possible.

For this reason, during the construction phase we are equipped to carry out the functions of construction management and, in any case, to regularly provide our customers and companies with our technical assistance on construction sites to ensure the best outcome of the works.


INCO exemplifies its promise of ethics and compliance through INCO’s Code of Business Integrity. The code ensures that INCO employees and business partners understand all obligations to follow the law, remain ethical and protect each other while respecting the community and the environment

As our customers and employees know, INCO is unlike any other engineering company in Italy. We have a personality that is uniquely our own, based on building and developing lasting relationships and dedicated to providing our customers with high quality solutions.

To do this, we promote the continuous development of all our employees and respect for their respective professionalism, pushing them to collaborate for the benefit of all, assuming their responsibilities, in order to achieve the success of “the team”.


The company’s Quality Management System (QMS), established, documented, implemented, updated and managed by decision of the MANAGEMENT, aims to continuously improve the effectiveness of internal company processes in such a way as to:

  • cover the requirements of the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000;
  • effectively implement the quality policy and objectives;
  • ensure compliance of the service offered with the requirements specified in the QMS.

Technological and production partners

INCO is different from any other engineering company in Italy.
We have a personality that is uniquely ours, based on relationship and dedicated to providing high quality solutions.

We are responsive, collaborative, attentive and transparent.
Our goal is to make our customers' work as easy as possible.